What Are the Benefits of Silica Supplements?

Silica is a mineral that is abundant on Earth and in the human body. Its role in various organ processes and its importance in maintaining general health and well-being is beginning to become apparent with research into its effects and what happens to the body when silica levels are deficient.

Many of the things people eat and drink naturally contain silica, but often not in amounts that are sufficient to maintain healthy levels of silica. Silica is naturally present in the body, in levels that are even higher than other minerals like iron, but as people grow older, the amount of silica present in their tissues begins to decrease. This natural decrease in silica levels can have detrimental effects on the body’s organ systems and tissues.

The health of hair and skin can begin to decline, resulting in brittle, lackluster hair and nails and pronounced wrinkles and rapid aging in the skin. Bone health also depends on healthy silica levels. Osteoporosis, bone density loss associated with aging, can accelerate when silica levels are low. Even people not experiencing loss in bone density can experience longer periods of fracture healing.

Silica supplements can replace silica that is lost over time as the body ages and can avert or reverse some of the effects of aging. Healthy silica levels ensure that the body’s natural self-repair processes are as effective as possible. Silica supplements can enhance the effects of vitamin D and calcium on bone health, preventing the loss of bone density and strength. Without proper levels of silica in the body, calcium supplements can actually cause further decrease in bone density and strength.

Silica’s presence in the body also affects the amount and quality of collagen that the body produces. Collagen is a protein in the human body that has several different purposes. Collagen gives skin its elasticity, which results in firm, smooth, unwrinkled skin. Bone flexibility and joint health are also dependent on healthy, strong collagen. Bone scarring at the site of fractures can be reduced through the use of silica supplements.

Cardiovascular and respiratory health can be improved through the use of silica supplements. Silica can help strengthen blood vessels and prevent the formation of hard plaques in the arteries, leading to improved blood circulation and heart health. Lung tissue repair and maintenance of the mucosa is also facilitated with silica supplements.

Silica Can help the body:

• Maintaining bone strength

• Preventing osteoporosis

• Increasing the healing time of fractures

• Restoring the body’s natural self-repair process

• Reducing scaring at fracture sites

• Improving overall joint health

• Relief of back pain by hydrating discs for healthy alignment

Many of the effects of aging on the body can be curtailed with silica supplements. They may even decrease a person’s susceptibility to Alzheimer’s disease, since it prevents the absorption of aluminum, which is often found in brain lesions of Alzheimer’s patients. Supplements may be an answer for people interested in avoiding or repairing declining health resulting from aging.

Silica Benefits

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