Silica to detox the body from heavy metal poisoning

Silica for aluminum detoxification

Also known as the “beauty mineral” (due to its amazing benefits over the skin’s elasticity, growth of hair and nails), silica is the mineral that lately captures all the public’s attention.
By improving the structure of all connective tissues in the human body, including cartilages, tendons and blood vessels’ walls, silica helps diminishing joint pain and impedes the blood vessels to clog. Furthermore, silica is the main bone tissue builder, since calcium would be practically useless without it; calcium without silica starts calcifying other tissues such as artery walls and even heart. Therefore, a healthy bone structure and a strong cardiovascular system would not be possible without the mineral silica. heavy metal poisoning

Getting rid of heavy metals with silica

Aluminum is one of the most fatal heavy metal for our brain and nervous system. This is the heavy metal, which together with brain tissue calcification, causes one of the most terrible diseases a human being could go through: Alzheimer’s disease. All the scientific studies and all the scientists admit that silica is the most effective detoxifying agent for aluminum and heavy metal poisoning in the body. Even more, silica has been discovered to amazingly work against another disease very similar to Alzheimer’s, and that’s dementia.

When a person uses silica supplements to detox, the Aluminum and the other heavy metals present in the body are passed in the urine and eliminated with it. There is no such thing as silica intoxication, as long as .your body keeps up normal levels of B1 vitamin and potassium, and the water intake is adequate.

In our hectic environment, Aluminum is present everywhere: foil, second hand smoking, seafood, cosmetics, beverage bottles etc. In conclusion, there is nothing we can do to avoid aluminum and heavy metals intoxication, but to take advantage from the natural gift silica has to offer us and protect ourselves as much as we can.

The tissues that have a low fighting response such as bone tissue, heart and brain tissue are the ones more vulnerable to aluminum and heavy metals. The aluminum builds up in these tissues, especially in the nervous system and triggers diseases such as MS, Parkinson’s or auto-immunes.

The early 20th Century was called by Dr. Chris Exley, PhD the “Age of Aluminum” because since then the aluminum hasn’t been excavated from the ground. Dr. Chris Exley, PhD has dedicated his entire profession to studying the aluminum toxicity. He made many correspondences between the mining of aluminum and the outstanding increase in neurological diseases among us.

The solutions he offered were expensive mineral waters extremely rich in silica since amazing results were shown in people having increased quantities of aluminum in their bodies. However, there are other sources of natural silica around us. For example, horsetail is one of the richest silica sources, and also very accessible since it can be obtained free.

Other natural sources extremely rich in silica are: unprocessed whole grains such as rye, barley, oats, and wheat, alfalfa sprouts nuts and other seed products. If you go with a diet rich in these elements, your body’s silica upbringing should be sufficient.

Silica Benefits

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