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Treating Osteoporosis with Silica

As we get older, we all start to show signs of aging . However, there’s no reason why you should want to grow older faster than you really have to. One of the most worrying and common symptoms of old age is osteoporosis. Osteoporosis is a symptom of the aging process. As calcium in our body system leaches, our bones become brittle and weak. Many doctors recommend taking a calcium supplement in order to make bones stronger, however taking only a calcium supplement cannot correct or stop the crippling and weakening of the bones because the body cannot assimilate and make use of  calcium without the presence of silica.

Silicon is present in our bodies in small quantities. It is however very important to the human body. The correct levels will care for your skin, nails and hair. It’s also recently been proven that there is a link between silica and the amount of calcium your body can absorb.

When we are young, our bodies try to hang on to around 7 grams of silica. This actually makes it one of the more common minerals in your body after Iron. However, as we get older our bodies start to find it much harder to absorb this mineral which causes us to look older, and suffer from brittle bones.

Calcium Supplements

Most people who suffer from osteoporosis will be prescribed calcium supplements. This is one method of solving the problem; however it does nothing to speed up the absorption into the body.

Silica Supplements

By taking silica supplements it will be possible to make your body much more effective at absorbing calcium. This will help with bone density and improve the strength of your bones. Hopefully this should stop you from suffering from osteoporosis.

Other Minerals

There are also some other minerals that you should consume. These include Vitamin K, and Vitamin D. Both of these can be consumed as part of a healthy balanced diet.

One of the best ways of fighting against osteoporosis is to take silica supplements and eat a healthy balanced diet. Your diet should contain lots of foods which are high in calcium, including Yogurt, Milk, Eggs and seafood. Your body won’t be able to absorb calcium without enough silica, which is why simply taking calcium supplements or eating these foods on their own often won’t be much of a benefit.

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