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Silica is one of the most overlooked minerals necessary to human health. While it is abundantly present in the environment and many of our favorite foods, like apples and sunflower seeds, the silica ingested from food exists in crystallized form as silicon dioxide, which is not easily absorbed.

A lot of it has to be eaten to maintain a supply of silica for the body, partly due to this and the fact that silica is water-soluble, meaning any leftover in the bloodstream is flushed with 12 hours. Since modern farming methods using herbicides inhibit plants from absorbing silica from the soil, we are faced with a triple whammy in getting enough from food alone.

Silalive remedies this situation by combining this insoluble silica with another form of silica that is much easier for the body to absorb.

Soluble Versus Insoluble Silica

There are actually two good reasons why our bodies have not become efficient at digesting this essential mineral. First, silica is an abundant mineral and has been so in our food until recently. With so much in the diet, there was no need to store every bit that was eaten. And secondly, silica that is not dissolved plays important roles in intestinal health. It works to clean the intestines of parasites and toxic substances for the same reason diatomaceous earth, largely composed of crystallized silica, works to kill pests in the garden. It’s size and shape makes it effective at killing parasites and removing fecal obstructions without posing any threat to the wall of the intestines.

Soluble silica can be thought of as pre-digested, which allows you to take a smaller amount and get more benefits. Soluble silica is also called orthosilicic acid and is only found in nature inside the stomach and blood of mammals digesting silicon dioxide. Besides having the capability to dislodge heavy metals and other toxins, safely eliminating them through the urine and feces, orthosilicic acid plays a number of critical roles in the maintenances of our bodies, inside and out.

Studies have shown that younger people need more silica due to rapid bone and skin growth as well as the absorption of vitamins and minerals. As we get older the body tends to store less and less silica in the bones, tendons and skin, but this is believed to be almost wholly a result of both worsening digestive health and dietary deficiency.

Silica for Good Health
Any movement toward good health, especially in today’s chemical-laden environment, should begin with a detox and supplementation with essential vitamins and micronutrients, in order to let the body overcome deficiencies. Silica is a good choice, since it is implicated in a wide range of chronic diseases. Silalive provides both in one supplement.

Silica Benefits

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