Diatomaceous Earth

The Health Benefits Of Diatomaceous Earth

Silica is a naturally occurring ingredient found in the human body, as an important component in cell walls in diatoms and blood vessels. It also occurs throughout the earth’s crust, in sand, and is the same material that composes crystal quartz. It is also commonly found throughout the ocean and in shellfish.

In food, it is found in fish, citrus fruits, milk, wheat, almonds, and many vegetables, such as soybeans. Silica is unique among supplements because it can be taken both for beauty and health benefits, improving the bodies functions on both the inside and the outside. It is an important supplement to help optimize function in many of the body’s systems, such as stimulating the digestive tract. It is an essential ingredient in hair, nails, teeth, connective tissues, and healthy bones. Silica is not the same thing as silicone.

Silicone Vs. Silica

Silicone contains silica, but it is combined with oxygen and other chemicals in its medical grade form. While silica has many other industrial uses in different forms, as a pure, micronized supplement, it is completely safe for human consumption, easily digestible, and in fact has many anti-aging and health benefits.

In supplement form, silica is micronized so that it may be more fully utilized by the body and properly digested. Silica also helps other minerals be properly absorbed, so it is an important component of any type of diet. For persons with fractures, dental problems, or hair loss, it is an important supplement for healing.

It can also help reverse or slow down the aging process by improving the appearance of wrinkles and fine lines, and other common skin problems. One study found that drinking silica in water led to a statistically significant decreases in risk for dementia. Collagen, largely made up of silica, is an extremely important substance in the body, particularly in joints, and beneath the skin. For physical regeneration, silica is an extremely beneficial ingredient for health. More benefits of silica are being discovered, such at its ability to help heal wounds and burns, as research on this powerful substance continues.

Adolf Butenant, a Nobel prize-winning chemist proved that human survival is not possible without silica and later did extensive research on the substance at Columbia University. As a supplement, silica is odorless and tasteless and blends with other ingredients easily. Further, it is impossible to overdose on silica, as the body takes care of any excess naturally.

It can assist in absorption of other types of nutrients and thus increase the benefits of a wholesome diet and decrease the side effects of nutrient-depleting substances such as alcohol. Silica helps the body cleanse itself naturally. Although high levels of silica are present in the body natural naturally, it is highly beneficial to consume it in supplement form. As a supplement, silica can be more easily digested than it could be otherwise–otherwise it would simply pass through the body, with stimulation effects in digestion.

Silica Benefits

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Ruth February 11, 2013 at 7:04 am

There are several roles of diatomaceous earth in our body. These can help us in many areas like in osteoporosis, joints, calcium, natural weight loss, tissue degeneration etc. Silicon and silica are very much vital for us. Thanks for this information.


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